ACE Overview

Adolescent Career Education (ACE) offers evidence based career education e-resources for Senior School Students.  The ACE online career education resources provide schools with flexible, low cost, high quality, classroom based career education solutions that effortlessly track student career related data throughout all their Senior School years. Two main ACE resources are available: the ACE e-course (previously published as the print version Career Choice Cycle Course) and ACE e-Senior Education and Training (SET) Plans.  The Adolescent Career Education e-resources are designed to assist students with their important career-related decisions by helping prepare them for the subject selection process, enhancing self-awareness and career decision-making ability, and reducing career indecision.  These web-based resources have been developed by author, educator, psychologist and experienced career development practitioner Lee-Ann Prideaux PhD.



  • Six modules that systematically increase students’ awareness of career choice related skills
  • Specifically designed for Senior School students in a classroom setting
  • Helps prepare students for SET planning and subject selection
  • Course efficacy supported by quality research evidence
  • Fully supported including a facilitator’s guide with detailed lesson plans
  • Course design grounded in sound career development and education theory
  • Web based delivery offers flexibility as well as paper saving
  • Affordable and easy to implement
  • Can be used alone or in conjunction with ACE e-SET Plans
  • Relevant student-specific e-course information automatically integrates with their individual ACE e-SET Plans
  • For further information, please visit our ‘About ACE E-Course‘, ‘ACE E-Course Benefits for Schools and Students‘ and ‘FAQs‘ pages.


  • Web-based Senior Education and Training Plans (SET Plans) for Senior School students
  • Inexpensive and easy to implement for schools and students
  • Three flexible modules that provide the basis for individually tailored SET Plans for Year 10 students
  • Modules contain numerous sections that schools can choose to incorporate (or not)
  • Easily updated by students throughout all Senior School years (Years 10, 11 & 12)
  • Accessible for students as well as teaching, career counselling and administrative staff
  • Alleviates school administrative and management burden
  • Effortlessly tracks individual student’s career plans and learning pathways
  • Attractive, engaging format that is well-organised and comprehensive
  • Adaptable to each school’s specific needs
  • Flexible printing options provide electronic or hard copies as required
  • Facilitates SET Plan interviews by providing extensive reflective opportunities for students including:
    • career interests
    • employability skills
    • personal attributes
    • academic progress
    • study habits
    • goal-setting
    • course and/or training options and prerequisites
    • subjection selection
  • Helps to reduce student anxiety regarding subject and career choices
  • Can be used alone or in conjunction with the ACE e-course
  • Where students have participated in the ACE e-course, information automatically integrates with their individual ACE e-SET Plans
  • Please visit our ‘About ACE e-SET Plans‘, ‘User Instructions‘ and ‘FAQs‘ pages for further information

To purchase either the ACE e-SET Plans or the ACE e-course for your school, please complete the order form on the ‘Order ACE‘ page or send us a message via the ‘Contact Us‘ page.