About ACE e-SET Plans

 “I’ve got no idea what I want to do when I leave school!”

This is a familiar catch-cry in career counsellors’ offices when talking with Senior School students.  The Adolescent Career Education Online Senior Education and Training Plan (ACE e-SET Plan) is specifically designed for Senior School students to document where they are at with their career choices and where they are going with their current academic development in relation to reaching their post-secondary school plans.

“The SET Plan helps students structure their learning around their abilities, interests and ambitions. The plan is agreed between the student, their parents/carers and the school, and maps out what, where and how a student will study during their senior phase of learning — usually Years 10, 11 and 12.  The SET Plan should be developed by the end of Year 10, updated as necessary, and regularly reviewed to monitor progress” (QSA, 2012).

ACE e-SET Plans are web-based resources with centralised data storage and retrieval that:

  • easily allow each student to save and print their current career-related thinking
  • facilitate an open and flexible approach to continual reassessment at different points throughout their Senior School years
  • reduce anxiety due to career indecision by normalising adolescents’ tendency to change their minds
  • engage students via a user-friendly interactive interface that helps them to broaden their career-related outlook
For students, parents and schools, the comprehensive and well organised ACE e-SET Plan:
  • has a modular format that allows schools the flexibility to select relevant components according to their needs
  • is easily accessible for both students and school administrators throughout their entire Senior Student school years
  • alleviates school administrative and management burden by effortlessly tracking individual student’s career plans and learning pathways
  • enhances career counselling and guidance processes with up-to-date, immediately available individual student career-related information
  • allows students to update their plans as career aspirations and goals develop
  • prompts students to reflect on their achievements, skills and strengths as part of their career decision-making process
  • supports students to integrate information relating to their career-related interests, goals, intended learning outcomes and post-secondary school pathways
  • facilitates academic development by encouraging students to research relevant tertiary and/or training courses, including course prerequisites
  • documents subject selection and learning goals for Years 11 and 12
  • automatically integrates with student information from the ACE e-course (where applicable)
The ACE e-SET Plan format aligns with the Queensland Studies Authorities (2010) criteria for the documentation of SET Plans and includes factors such as (but not limited to):
  • the review of past results and areas of strength
  • career aspirations and goals
  • developing an understanding of the academic progress required to meet student career goals
  • student interests and abilities
  • subject selection that takes account of the range and prerequisites for further education and training
For students, the ACE e-SET Plan is a living document that is best completed by:
  • making realistic and honest assessments about themselves
  • setting challenging but attainable academic and other achievement goals to broaden the career options open to them
  • imagining  dream career aspirations and then putting the necessary learning plans in place to help them get there
  • thinking beyond ‘the now’, and envisaging and documenting their plans to create the life they want for themselves after finishing school


For further information see our ACE e-SET Plan Overview, User Instructions, and FAQs (includes information re cost).