ACE E-Course Benefits for Schools and Students

Dr Lee-Ann Prideaux (PhD., B.Psych [Hons]., B.Ed., Dip Gestalt Therapy, MAPS, MCDAA) is an experienced teacher, psychologist, student counsellor and career educator.  As part of her doctoral studies, Lee-Ann designed and tested a successful career education course for Year 10 students. Originally titled the ‘Career Choice Cycle Course’ (CCCC), the print-based program has been redeveloped online as the Adolescent Career Education (ACE) e-course.


ACE (CCCC) e-course is exceptional in that it offers secondary schools and their students a structured career education program that is evidence-based.  Longitudinal research has evaluated the teacher-facilitated course and found that it:

  • assisted students’ career development overall,
  • demonstrated statistically significant gains in students’ career maturity,
  • produced significant reductions in career indecision and maladaptive decision-making coping patterns, and
  • resulted in significantly better outcomes for students when compared with students doing a generic vocational course.

The e-course is also unique as it is based on contemporary career development theory:

  • The Systems Theory Framework model of Career Development devised by Australian experts Mary McMahon and Wendy Patton; and
  • the Social Cognitive Career Theory model of career-related choice behaviour by American experts Lent, Brown and Hackett.


  • Comprehensive package minimising teacher preparation:
    The Facilitator Guide has everything teachers need to run the course including specific learning objectives, evaluative strategies, supplementary information, and detailed unit plans and review questions.
  • Pedagogically sound:
    The course incorporates whole class, small group and individual activities based on Kolb’s cycle of experiential learning.
  • Practicality:
    The course has a practical focus since it is designed specifically to prepare adolescents for the important career-related decisions involved in SET Planning and subject selection.
  • Flexibility:
    Ideally, the course runs for about 9 weeks using one lesson per week, although it can be condensed or expanded depending on the scope of discussions and time allocated for class and homework activities.
  • Relevance:
    The course has been mapped to Australian Blueprint for Career Development curriculum competencies.
  • Engaging:
    Students take the course seriously because they know it will be referred to with parents during SET Plan interviews.
  • Reporting:
    An added bonus of the ACE e-version of the course is that an aggregated report is generated for the careers counsellor or guidance officer. This report has relevant data for each student completing the course and can be used to follow students across their three final years of schooling.
  • Value-adding:
    An electronic version of the SET Plan will be available later this year and again will be accessible across Years 10, 11 and 12 and thus, provides a living document for students to review and shape their plans toward post-secondary education and training.
  • Tried and tested:
    The course has been implemented at Coomera Anglican College for over five years and teachers believe in its efficacy and ongoing value during the senior years:
    “The Career Choice Cycle Course has added a logical process, real structure and lesson by lesson planning for the Personal Development teachers. Students often go into the course with little idea as to what they want to achieve and what is the best pathway for them. They inevitably finish the units with a greater sense of direction and a lot more certainty when choosing subjects for their senior years. Peter Goodman, Head of Year 10
     “Following the steps in the Career Choice Cycle Course allows the students to get a better idea of their strengths, both in and out of the classroom. This allows them to engage in the selection of their senior subjects in a more positive and proactive manner. This results in a more settled start to Year 11, with less students changing subjects.” Phil Bishop, Head of Year 11

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