Work Skills Needed In The Future

Students clearly need to be equipped with a bevy of skills in order to cope with the state of flux they now face in today’s world of work. Career guidance in its past format, when one meeting with a student counsellor was the norm, will no longer suffice. Gathering information about the myriad of jobs now available along with gaining an understanding of one’s career-related interests are very important parts of what is currently necessary. Added to these basics, students now need a great deal of confidence and motivation to explore the job market in much more discerning and self-directed ways.

They need to be able to find out, for instance, which careers are currently overloaded with personnel and try to forecast what particular work skills will be sought in the future. They may even need to be able to surmise what expertise may be needed to secure employment in occupations that are yet to be created. Such deliberate career planning, and wide-ranging information seeking, along with the personal skills necessary to carry them out, are illustrative of the ways in which Adolescent Career Education can cater for the acquisition of these new skill requirements.

I have discovered two wonderful resources that may be of particular use for students when exploring the future labour market. The first of these, Future Work Skills of 2020, comes from the University of Phoenix Research Institute. The infographic on this page provides a snapshot and the main document is available here. The second useful resource is produced annually by the Department of Employment in Australia. It includes detailed information about careers within industry sectors and breaks down employment statistics within the states and territories of Australia. It also provides predictions about the jobs of the future with comparisons of anticipated wages and projections about job growth. Click here to access this resource.


Important Work Skills In 2020