Research and Publications


The ACE e-course is derived from established career development and education theory.  The efficacy of the Career Choice Cycle Course (now ‘ACE’ e-course) is reported in:

Prideaux, L. (2003). A longitudinal evaluation of a theoretically derived adolescent career education intervention. Unpublished doctoral dissertation, Griffith University, Gold Coast.


Additional career education and career development research and publications by Dr Lee-Ann Prideaux:

Publications in Refereed Journals

Creed, P. A., Patton, W., & Prideaux, L. (2007). Predicting change over time in career planning and career exploration for high school students. Journal of Adolescence, 30, 377-392.

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Book Chapter

Prideaux, L. (2001). The Career Choice Cycle Course. In W. Patton, & M. McMahon (Eds.), Career development programs: Preparation for lifelong career decision making (pp. 58-69). Melbourne: Australian Council for Educational Research Ltd.

Curriculum Materials

Prideaux, L. (2003). The ABC of success. In M. McMahon, & W. Patton (Eds.), Ideas for career practitioners: Celebrating excellence in Australian career practice (pp. 146-151). Brisbane: Australian Academic Press Pty. Ltd.

Prideaux, L. (2010). The career choice cycle course student workbook and facilitator guide. Burleigh Heads: Zeus Publications.

Prideaux, L. (2012). Adolescent Career Education (ACE): Career choice cycle course [e-course].

Prideaux, L. & Collie, T. (2012). Adolescent Career Education (ACE): Electronic Senior Education and Training (e-SET) Plan

Conference Papers

Prideaux, L. (2002, May). Design and evaluation of a theoretically derived career education intervention for high school students: The career choice cycle course. Paper presented at the IAEVG-AIOSP World Congress: Counselor, profession, passion or calling? Warsaw, Poland.

Prideaux, L. (2003, September). Longitudinal evaluation of a theoretically derived career education intervention for high school students. Paper presented at the IAEVG-AIOSP International conference 2003: Quality development in vocational counselling and training. Berne, Switzerland.

Prideaux, L. (2010, April). A longitudinal evaluation of theoretically derived adolescent career education: The career choice cycle course. Paper presented at the Career Development Association of Australia International Career Conference 2010, Cairns, Queensland, Australia.