Teenager bored in the holidays?

By Dr Lee-Ann Prideaux ©

When your teenager says to you over the holidays, “I’m bored” here are two suggestions that you can make to help them use this time effectively:

  1. You can clean the bathroom for me!iStock_000008958308Large
  2. Or you can do some research into possible careers using the myfuture.edu.au site:
  • Click on My Guide and sign-in using an easy to remember username and password (Don’t forget them because you can keep revisiting and build up a career profile).
  • Click on My Profile and get going on the quizzes you can do there. There’s quite a few of them to do so that the program can gather lots of information on your Interests, Skills, Work and Study habits, Values and so forth. The more of these you provide answers to, the more likely you will narrow down the list of jobs you might be most suited to.
  • You can then click on Explore Career Ideas and tick the boxes according to the quizzes you have completed. This will enable you to view career fields based on your My Profile results.
  • Explore each of the career fields that have been generated for you and do some investigations of the occupations listed. There may be jobs there that you are not aware of and so it is a really good process for you to discover all the fields of work that you could enjoy doing once you leave school.

Myfuture is Australia’s leading career exploration service. It is a reliable facility for young people and adults to gain accurate and up to date information about the world of work. As well as the My Guide section described above, there is also a Facts section that provides detailed information about jobs including duties and tasks, specialisations, education and training pathways, Australian Bureau of Statistics linked data about labour market trends and earnings, as well as personal requirements and related industries. There are even a plethora of videos to watch with people describing their jobs from a practical perspective. Parents can use the Assist Others section to find out more about career development and how to support your child  when they don’t yet have an answer to the question, “What are you going to be when you grow up?”